Rero Robotic Workshop (30th April 2016)

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Through this program, participants will be introduced to RERO robotics in a one-day workshop and learn to build and program robots using rero robotic kit and software.

VENUE:UiTM-MTDC Technopreneur Centre
TIME: 9am – 5pm
DATE: 30th April 2016 OR 14th May 2016

Seats are limited to 10 participants only!







Since now you have an idea what RERO Robot is all about, so hurry up and join us for RERO Robotic Workshop.




Are you ready for RERO Robotics Awareness Month 2016? Our first annual Robotics Month event will be held May 1-31, 2016 at Atria Shopping Gallery Damansara. Join and celebrate with us. We have tons of small and large activities and everything in between! Check out our activities below, think about what your group/family might like to do and help make 2016 our best year ever. Do invite your teachers and friends! Just share this good news with others!






Scratch: Programming for All

When Moshe Y. Vardi, Editor-in-Chief of Communications, invited us to submit an article, he recalled how he first learned about Scratch: “A colleague of mine (CS faculty),” he said, “told me how she tried to get her 10-year-old daughter interested in programming, and the only thing that appealed to her was Scratch.” That’s what we were hoping for when we set out to develop Scratch six years ago. We wanted to develop an approach to programming that would appeal to people who hadn’t previously imagined themselves as programmers. We wanted to make it easy for everyone, of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, to program their own interactive stories, games, animations, and simulations, and share their creations with one another.

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First-ever 3-D printed robots made of both solids and liquids

This 3-D hexapod robot moves via a single motor, which spins a crankshaft that pumps fluid to the robot’s legs. Besides the motor and battery, every component is printed in a single step with no assembly required. Among the robot’s key parts are several sets of “bellows” 3-D printed directly into its body. To propel the robot, the bellows uses fluid pressure that is translated into a mechanical force. (As an alternative to the bellows, the team also demonstrated they could 3-D print a gear pump that can produce continuous fluid flow.) Read More.



Little Botz’s team hand in hand with STaROC commitee during the event

PUTRAJAYA, March 31 20126 (Thursday):

Robotics Competition STaROC, the inaugural competition organized by Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah Kelab Taha Robotics Club (STaROC) was held at SAS in conjunction with Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SAS) Science and Mathematics week. With the assistance from a robotic education centre, Little Botz Academy, the STAROC robotics competition receives participation from primary and secondary school area around Putrajaya as well as residential schools in Malaysia.

STaROC Robotics Competition is the highlight of the week in conjunction with science and mathematics week at SAS. The program was inaugurated by Professor Sahrim Ahmad (DekanFakulti Science and Technology) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.


Also present at the same event were representatives from Tabung Haji, Dato ‘Adi Azuan Abdul Ghani, Chief Operating Officer and representatives from local universities such as UTeM, UiTM, UPM and UniMAP. More than 500 people have flooded the Main Hall of Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah in conjunction with the closing ceremony.


The final autonomous sumo match that was witnessed by Professor Sahrim Ahmad (Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and accompany with Lembaga Tabung Haji representative, Dato ‘Adi Azuan Abdul Ghani, Chief Operating Officer

The program is organized through the strategic cooperation between the Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah with Lembaga Tabung Haji and the support and guidance of Little Botz Academy, is expected to give a multiplier effect to the government’s efforts to increase public awareness about the importance of science, technology and innovation in education. Tabung Haji exhibition not only highlights the THIJARI new application that is available through the apple store and google play but they also prove that exposure to the pilgrimage can be delivered through interactive methods using robotics. It is hoped that this kind of thinking can be applied to not limit technology to the gadgets and computers but foster a culture of science and innovation in everyday life.


Sumo robots ready to battle

The program received good cooperation from several universities such as UKM, UTeM, UiTM, UPM and exhibition organized by UniMAP with robotics and the latest technology that is the result of local research. Such programs could also serves as a platform to sharing the scientific knowledge, technology, and innovation to students in particular.

More encouraging program organized by Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah also give exposure to students and teachers during the day with various activities that are interactive. Science and technology exhibition can encourage students to cultivate an interest in STEM to life.


STaROC robotic competition was participated by more than 20 groups of participants. The match of two categories, namely ‘tug-of-war’ involving primary students while category ‘autonomous sumo’ involving secondary school students. What’s inspire us the most is that the competition was fully organised by the STaROC club members with the guidance of their Robotics Club teacher , Mr Shahrizan and mentors from Little Botz Academy.

SAS and Lembaga Tabung Haji deserves praise and recognition for their success in spreading the awareness and achieving the objectives of the program to give students exposure to educational robotics in line with their science and mathematics week’s theme “Synthesizing ideas and extracting knowledge in STEM (Science. Technologi.Engineering.Mathematic).