Effective 1 January 2017
Min Age: 7 years old and above
Weekday*: RM35
Weekend/Public Holiday and National School Holiday: RM65
* other than public holiday or National School Holiday

How to claim your boarding pass:
1. Call: 03-77322373
2. WhatsApp / SMS:+012-9691230 / +6018- 358 0232
3. Email:
4. Walk-in:

Little Botz™ Academy (Atria)
Lot No. S22. Second Floor.
Jalan SS 22/33. Damansara Jaya.
47400, Petaling Jaya. Selangor.

NoBooking required

Access Pass (also known as Day Pass) is a one off access pass to our Inno-Tech Gym. With this access, your kid (age 7 and above) can enter our academy and explore the variety of technology and tools that we have at our centre.
Little Botz Inno-Tech Gym centre is a common area where children from the age of 5 and above can come and explore the various technology such as robotics using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and We Do robotics kit, coding and animation on Scratch as well as 3D drawing. To spark offline creativity, we also have LEGO bricks corner for your kids to enjoy.
You can find further details at our website:
No. The access for the Inno-Tech Gym is not for Class session. The kids will need to self-explore and self-learn the technology (with minimal guidance). We will provide step by step guide for first timers but it is NOT a class/workshop/one on one tutoring session. Workshops are held every school holiday. Kindly follow our Facebook/Website for more info For classes, kindly join our Flexi Class/Membership program.
There will be facilitators at the Gym area to assist when in need. However, we allocate about 10 students to 1 facilitator at one time. The Inno- Tech Gym is NOT a one to one personal trainer session. During the session, facilitators may conduct mini classes/mini activities to encourage community problem solving depending on the number of crowd at any one time. The idea of the Inno-Tech Gym is to encourage self-exploration and also idea generation. There will be mini problem solving activities for your kids to resolve when they utilise our Inno-Tech Gym.
We strive to provide the best learning experience to all our members and customers. However, sometimes due to the number of Inno-Tech Gym-goers that exceeds the maximum capacity, we may need to encourage sharing of sets during the session or reallocate the utilisation to LEGO brick activity.
One Access Pass allow your child to access up to 3 hours a day. We do not encourage parents to leave their kids above 3 hours consecutively as the high usage of computer may cause fatigue and the kids will become restless and disruptive.
No. As we are dealing with a lot of electrical appliances as well as small electrical parts, we do not encourage food intake in the centre.
The Access pass receipt is also a ticket. You will need to bring the Access pass along to the centre for utilization or simply provide you kid's name at the reception.
Unfortunately, the Access pass is only valid for 3hours after purchase date as stated in the ticket. Bulk purchase will have different expiry date.
No discount on access pass but entitled for promotion rate for Membership of RM250 per month for enrollment of 6 month or 12-month membership.
Yes, as long as you have the Access Pass ticket with you.
Weekend pass is for Weekend or Public Holiday and School Holiday. If you are coming on a weekday during your kid’s school holiday, you will need to purchase our Weekend Pass.