Bengkel Pengaturcaraan dan robotik 2016.

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Malaysia Independence Day Promo

Celebrate Malaysia Independence Day with Us!

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merdeka workshop
Let’s defend our country and register to our Robotic Workshop as below details:

Date: 31st August 2016
Day: Wednesday
Time: 10am to 5pm
Venue: Little Botz Academy,Atria Shopping Gallery

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Shah Alam Robotic Class is back!

Little Botz Academy will organize robotic class at shah alam since lots of request asking for robotic class at shah alam area from our customer.

There will be two stages of robotic class offered for your children to learn and explore. Details of the class as below.

Registration fee *RM75* is compulsory to all.

Register here

Hurry up and book your seat.
Seat are limited. Registration close on 5th August.

7-15 YEARS OLD-page-001

Announcement : Robotic Membership Registration is Open now!


Science and technology are extremely popular with today’s children and youth; they are also a pathway to career opportunities in the future. Engaging in technology activities when young can help to stimulate interest in those fields, develop mastery of necessary technologies, and energize the classroom.

Our little botz will be equipped with STEM knowledge and creative problem-solving skills that is necessary to be innovative and creative thinkers.
We seek to create environments where learning happens in a hands-on and motivational way.

Not every kid may move on to become a dedicated hobbyist who creates original mechanical projects, but all of them can benefit from the skills they will learn with educational robotic kits.



Robot dad: I built a smartphone bot to spend time with my kids

Divorce can be a painful experience, especially when it means one parent doesn’t see as much of their kids as they used to.

When divorcee Matt Walker met his future second wife in the US, he knew things would only get worse for him spending time with his two boys, Jarvis, 9 and Maxi, 7.

That’s why he built the RambleBot.


Matt Walker is Robot Dad. Photo: Matt Walker

It looks like a miniature white tank but instead of a cannon it has an arm with a gripper. There’s a smartphone holder at the top where Matt’s face appears.

From his home in San Jose, California — where he lives with his current wife and seven-month-old son Jack — Matt logs into the RambleBot that lives at his ex wife’s house 11,410 kilometres away in Brisbane, Australia, and hangs out with his sons, controlling the robot with an app and talking via Skype. He’s done this every other day for the last three years.

The robot has a big battery which lasts about two days. The smartphone battery runs out faster, so Matt adds a battery extender case. When the RambleBot is plugged in, it will charge the phone.


Matt Walker Skyping his son Jarvis as the RambleBot. Photo: Matt Walker

Matt acknowledges the unusual set-up may have its critics because it’s essentially parenting at a distance.

“What’s he [my son] going to tell his psychoanalyst in the future — my father was a tiny little robot?” Matt jokes.

“Telepresence will never be as good as being there in real life. READ MORE.


Robotic Toy ‘Leka’ Designed for Kids with Autism

The rolling robot BB-8 captivated moviegoers as it helped save the day in the 2016 film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” — though even the most die-hard fan would admit that we aren’t likely to see a real-world robot quite like that in the near future.

Meet Leka, a rolling robot that can be programmed to engage with children that have developmental disabilities. Credit: Leka

Meet Leka, a rolling robot that can be programmed to engage with children that have developmental disabilities.
Credit: Leka

However, there’s another spherical, programmable, rolling robot currently in development that’s capable of doing important work to engage children with special needs, particularly children on the autism spectrum.

Described by its designers as “a robotic companion,” the roly-poly Leka robot is shaped like a ball, has an endearing “face” that changes expressions, and uses sound, light and colors to interact with users through customizable games that improve cognitive and motor skills. Caregivers and educators can program the toy to guide children with developmental disabilities through a range of activities, helping them to improve communication and learn to connect with their environment and with others around them. Read More.


Rero Robotic Workshop (30th April 2016)

Robotic Workshop Header

Mark your calendar, and save the date !rero-robot-construction-kit-large

Through this program, participants will be introduced to RERO robotics in a one-day workshop and learn to build and program robots using rero robotic kit and software.

VENUE:UiTM-MTDC Technopreneur Centre
TIME: 9am – 5pm
DATE: 30th April 2016 OR 14th May 2016

Seats are limited to 10 participants only!







Since now you have an idea what RERO Robot is all about, so hurry up and join us for RERO Robotic Workshop.