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The LEGOĀ® Education WeDo is a new concept that allow kid at young age to develop their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as language, literacy, and social studies. It is an easy-to-use concept that enables the young student to build LEGO models Ā featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities and bring science and technology to life.


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4.Ā Ā  Walk-in: Little Botz Academy, Atria Shopping Gallery

What is WeDo?
The WeDo Activity Pack enables educators to provide learning opportunities for developing these broader learning goals:

ā€¢ Think creatively to make a working model.
ā€¢ Develop vocabulary and communication skills to explain how the model works .
ā€¢ Establish links between cause and effect .
ā€¢ Reflect on how to find answers and imagine new possibilities .
ā€¢ Brainstorm ideas and endeavor to bring some of them to fruition
ā€¢ Make fair tests by changing one factor and observing or measuring the effect .
ā€¢ Make systematic observations and measurements .
ā€¢ Display and communicate data using tables .
ā€¢ Follow 2D drawings to build a 3D model .
ā€¢ Think logically and create a program to produce a specific behavior.
ā€¢ Write and present creative stories using models for visual and dramatic effects.

New Intake for Atria Technology Class 2017

STEM education is an integrationĀ of science, technology, engineering, and math which emphasized on the application of knowledge to real-life situations. Ā STEM education help in shaping future of our country and the future of our children.Ā Let’s together build Ā ourĀ children for the future by infused them with technology-learning environment by engaging them with our fun and enthusiastic teachers using hands-on and minds-on activities.

Let’s explore the world of science and math in attractive and exciting ways with us !!

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In line with the vision and transformation of 21st century learning to implement the four C’s vital skills: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.Ā Little Botzā„¢ have discovered that the most effective ways to develop these skills are through technology-infused learning environment. Ā Hence, we believe by putting technology into the hands of students and trusting them with more progressive technology is a way forward to 21st century learning.

Our class-ready teaching solutions support Ā in creating an engaging and inspiring learning environment with syllables design specifically to stimulate critical thinking and encourage creative problem solving skills across a variety of real-world themes.

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STEM educationĀ shapesĀ the future of our region and the future of our children.Ā LetsĀ encourage ourĀ childrenĀ to understand and embrace the technology that affects them every day of their livesĀ and these courses need to be taught by engaged and enthusiastic teachers using hands-on and minds-on activities. Making science and math courses fun and interesting will not only help students to learn, but might also plant the ā€œseed of interestā€ that could grow into an exciting and rewarding STEM career. Register at Little Botz Academy today!

To register/enquiry kindly call/sms/whatAapps : +6018 358 0232 / 03 7732 2373 or email us at

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