Flexi – Class: Scracth Programming

Our Scratch Programming Flexi Class is designed to cater 8-15 years old kids to learn a particular style of programming suited to creating interactive applications with multimedia content.We opt several approaches when teaching scratch to novice programmers.

  • Older children – We encouraged them to explore and take apart the sample projects and create their own similar and improvise version.
  • Younger children – We work more slowly exploring the scratch environment and commands by creating sprites and performing graphic type operations before putting blocks together to build an application.

Scratch is the perfect introduction and platform to teach programming for young programmers.

Basic Units

  • Draw a Sprite and
  • BackgroundMoving and
  • SensingSounds and Graphics
  • Variables
  • Broadcast and Receive
  • Project: Make a Game
  • Projects: Build a multimedia presentation

They will learn concepts like program flow, iterative loops and variables. Meanwhile the stage and characters (known as ‘Sprites’) represent objects. So they’re secretly learning object-orientated programming.

Scratch is a limited programming language designed to allow young programmers to easily create applets containing intelligent agents that can move, change appearance, make sounds, and interact with each other and the user.